Prices and Plans
All new members pay $25.00 membership fee  (No exceptions)---Membership fees are a one time charge due upon start of membership.  

1 year contracts
1st person $30.00/month+tax
2nd person and each additional family member add $20.00/month per person***

1 year paid in full $320.00+tax for 1st member
2nd person paid in full $240.00+tax

6 month contract
1st person $45.00/month+tax
2nd person and each additional family member add $20.00/month+tax per person***

No contract
$60.00/month+tax (+ additional membership fee)

One time visit
You may visit 1st time free to try it out and each additional visit is subject to fee.

***all contracts are required to be set up on bank draft.  We do not accept credit/debit cards.  All family plans must be set up on 1 draft.  Seperate drafts are not subject to family plan.
*All contracts will continue after end of contract period unless we received in writing, request for cancellation.  We will NOT cancel any membership contracts during contract period.  If contract is cancelled or lapsed, and you return to sign up again, you will be subject to Membership fee again.

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